My name is Toddy S Mladenov. I am the CTO and co-founder of Agitare Technologies, Inc. My company helps enterprises understand, implement and use new technologies in the areas of cloud computing, big data and machine learning.

Professionally I deal with technology, but I also enjoy working with students and sharing my knowledge. This is my personal blog (and, of course all opinions are my own;)) where I write about different topics related to technology; I try to explain things in simple and logical way because technology is here to help people and not to make their lives miserable (although sometimes it does the latter:)).

In addition to running my own company I like to sail, mountain bike, and ski; I run two local communities: CloudTalk and Machine Learning For Business; I sit on the Technical Advisory Committee for North Seattle College, and I am also an Microsoft Azure Insider.

You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. You can also book time with me on Calendly. But before you do so, please send me a message on Facebook to let me know what will be the topic of our discussion (no spam please!).


I started my technology career in 1993 as an intern assembling PCs for my brother’s company in Bulgaria. After graduating the Technical University in Sofia, Bulgaria in 1996 I tried to build my own PC components distribution business but failed; mainly because of hyperinflation and lack of experience. Over the next couple of years I worked for various companies in Bulgaria, among which were multi-national PC and software distributor CHS Electronics, German CAD/CAM software maker Nemetschek, and the networking giant (at the time) 3Com.

In 2001 I moved to Germany and joined small startup developing banking software. After two year of hard work and lot of sleepless nights writing Java and LotusScript code, I had to look for other opportunities and SAP came into picture. I’ve spent two years with them designing and developing J2EE application for their software deployment process as well as bridging the communication with teams from the recently acquired company in Bulgaria.

In 2005 I moved to US and started with Microsoft as Program Manager in MSN/Windows Live team. Soon after I became a manager for a team of PMs, and our Org joined Windows Client. I stayed with Windows team until Windows 7 was released (yes, I shipped it!) and joined Microsoft Azure few months before it’s official General Availability announcement. As part of the Developer Experience team in Azure I had the opportunity to touch different parts of the stack – from the OS, networking and storage to management APIs, management portal and SDKs to interaction with the Open Source communities and putting OSS frameworks on the platform.

After Azure I worked in Sales Engineering capacity for the private PaaS startup Apprenda before building my own consulting company. Now I work with small and large enterprises to implement modern cloud and big data solutions. Some of the companies I work with include Microsoft, T-Mobile, and CenturyLink.